Our aim is to offer the lesser-known cuts of beef from some of the best producers and farms in Britain. Very rarely, unless its a very special piece of meat, will you see cuts such as sirloin, rib-eye or fillet, on our menus. Instead we go for the less heard of and sometimes newly discovered cuts of steak. Flat iron, from the featherblade, is our steak of choice but this will be joined on our menu by cuts such as sirloin pave, spider steak, hanger steak and Jacobs steak.


We believe that by sourcing these different cuts of meat from some of the best producers of beef we can offer you an unforgettable steak experience at a more affordable price.


We’re not just passionate about our beef; its everything else that comes with the steak that makes them so special. Our menus, like the seasons that inspire them, change month by month showcasing the very best of what is growing organically in our local farms.